Bank Transfer

In order to complete a bank transfer you will need to go to the bank and complete a form which is also known as a payment order. Or you can do everything over the internet with the help of the internet banking.

A bank transfer or wire transfer is an electronic funds transfer method that is being used in order to transfer a sum of money from one person, company or institution to another. The bank transfer is a service which is normally offered by any bank out there in the world and it's going to facilitate you to transfer money from one bank account to another.

How does it work?

You can easily fund your online sportsbook account with the help of a Direct Bank Transfer. All you need is a personal bank account where you do have money deposited. This payment option is very similar to writing an e-check. This means that you will have to supply the online sportsbook with your banking rooting and account numbers, make the transfer via internet banking or by going to the bank and once the transfer is cleared, you will have access instantly to the funds in your online sportsbook account.

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Good things about Bank Transfer:

  1. It's fast
  2. You will never get declined
  3. Easy to complete
  4. You can send consistent amounts of money
  5. It can be used for both deposits and withdrawals
  6. US friendly payment methods
  7. Everything is 100% safe and secured

Negative things about Bank Transfer:

  1. The fees are a lot higher compared to the other payment methods available
  2. Sometimes it's going to take a few days for a transaction to complete
  3. An international bank transfer will cost up to $50

What are the Bank Transfer fees?

You can make different types of bank transfers while depositing money to your online bookmaker: domestic, transboundary and international. Each type of transaction is going to have an individual set of fees and there might be a difference from one bank to another.

How long does it take to make a bank transfer transaction?

Depending on the type of bank transfer that you are going to make there will be different amounts of time that it's going to take to complete them. Some types of bank transfer transaction will take less than 1 day to complete while for others you will have to wait 5 days or even more than that.


Overall people are using the bank transfer in order to make larger transactions between them and the online sportsbooks where they want to upload funds or cash out their winnings. One of the main advantages of this payment method is the fact that it's 100% safe and secured and therefore you will not risk receiving the money. In case you are planning to make a bigger transaction at an online bookmaker, then you should definitely use this payment method.